Cutter Z1


GERBERcutter® Z1 is the next generation computer-controlled, automated cutting system and the optimal solution for single- and low-ply cutting of a wide range of challenging composite materials, upholstery fabric and technical textiles. Rely on it to maximize your productivity and profitability, reduce work in process, shorten lead times and ensure precisely cut parts.

Windows®-based software that is easy to use and delivers significant productivity enhancements:

Comprehensive reports:

  • Analyze system throughput, material yield, processing times, individual job statistics and more
  • Find opportunities to make cutter operators more efficient and to optimize your cutting process
  • Job queue enables simultaneous loading of all jobs to be cut during an entire shift or day’s work
  • Job recovery functionality helps resume cutting at the precise point the job was interrupted
  • Wizards automate repetitive processes and accelerate preparation of the cut job

Options that improve workflow productivity.

  • Inkjet-printed part identification systems
  • Enable accurate identification of cut parts and composite plies by printing alphanumeric text and bar codes on a variety of materials.
  • Eliminate workflow bottlenecks caused by traditional pen-plotted part annotation and maximize the productivity of your GERBERcutter® Z1.
Gerber’s ContourVision™ scan-to-cut system
  • Enables manufacturers to scan custom printed textiles, automatically generate cut files and cut directly from textile rolls.
  • Part identification and re-cutting station
  • Enables the operator to identify cut parts quickly, streamlining the kitting and bundling process.
  • Users can also select parts that require recutting, automatically re-nest them and quickly re-cut them.

Superb cut part accuracy.

  • When you determine the optimum settings for your specific materials, save them to re-use time after time.
  • Define cutting parameters such as tool pressure, vacuum levels and cutting speed on the cutter’s portable workstation and easily adjust them using the touch screen directly at the cutter.
  • With electronic pressure regulation, users are able to monitor and electronically regulate the pressure of the knife to optimize the accuracy of cut parts.

Energy efficient.

  • Equipped with an intelligent variable vacuum regulator
  • Input optimum vacuum levels to cut and convey your materials. The system regulates vacuum levels, minimizing vacuum when the cutter is idle to conserve electricity.