Spreading machine XLS 50


Get exceptional quality and performance in a tension-free spreading system at an affordable price.

Achieve maximum performance.

  • The GERBERspreader® XLs50 offers the flexibility for a wide variety of applications.
  • Designed for maximum performance, repeatability and productivity.
  • The XLs50 is capable of spreading woven or knit materials from either rolls or folded packs.
  •  Supports most common spreading modes.

Reduce raw material costs.

  • The XLs50 ensures predictable, tension-free spreading of fabric.
  • Provides accurate and consistent spread length.
  • Accurately aligns fabric edges so parts can be nested closer to the beginning, end and edges of the spread, eliminating end loss and optimizing material utilization.

Experience quality and reliability.

  • The XLs50’s reliable, robust construction and strength of design ensures minimal downtime in typical use and easy maintenance with existing resources.

Enjoy ease of use.

  • Fabric roll cradle feed system tilts automatically for easy material loading and unloading.
  •  The XLs50 also features a simplified icon-driven user interface that is easy to learn and easy to train new users to operate.
  • Available in Spanish, simplified Chinese and English.

Choose an affordable investment.

  • The XLs50 provides a new low total acquisition cost by offering the most affordable purchase price ever.
  • Low installation, training and other one-time costs.
  • Low ongoing costs for parts and maintenance labor.