Mixing Unit for Hydrocarbons


This automatic system Ecomix permits to mix by keeping a constant ratio between Polyol and ecological blowing agents (HCFC) through high accuracy control systems by selecting the quantity. The Ecomix device permits to meter and mix.


-Gear volumetric dosing pump german made model for pure Polyol, coupled to a motor at variable speed by means of frequency converter;

-Safety pressure gauge at Polyol dosing pump feeding

-Safety pressure gauge in suction to the HC blowing agent metering pump;

-HC blowing agent metering pump diaphragm type coupled to a frequency converter-driven motor for ratios/deliveries setting and change;

-Safety pressure gauge at the HC blowing agent metering pump feeding point;

Control panel:

  • PLC Siemens S7-1200 series for data processing;
  • HMI type Siemens KTP 600 series for settings and alarm visualization;
  • Frequency converter for POLYOL and HC Blowing agent pump motors;
  • Ethernet connection for production data facility;

Technical specifications

HC adjustable percent 4-16%
POLYOL basic output 25l/min.
HC adjustable output in continuous 1-4 l/min.
POLYOL pump feeding pressure 2 bar, 10 bar max
HC line feeding pressure 3 bar, 10 bar max.
Blend outlet pressure 25 bar max.
Compressed air feeding  4-8 bar
Polyol viscosity  5000 cps. max.
HC viscosity  0.95 cps. max.
Weight  370 kg
Power consumption  5 Kw