Overview Peeling machine for the efficient peeling of round and rectangular blocks with a total weight of 1 000 kg for the producing endless sheet ware. A block fixed on a peeling shaft is driven by means of a pressure roller and continuously fed to the knife.
  • Due to the sturdy design, the machine can accommodate foam blocks with a weight of up to 1 000 kg;
  • A driven pressure roller serves for a steady feeding of the material to the knife which prevents deviations in the cutting thicknesses;
  • With cutting speeds of up to 150 m/min it is possible to convert high production volumes;
  • An all-automatic retainer adjustment ensures a constant distance between the leading edge of the knife and the symmetry axis of the pressure roller, by this, it is possible to maintain the cutting thickness;
  • Due to a continuous electronical height adjustment it is possible to peel thicknesses of 1 to 32 mm in steps of 0.01 mm;
  • Latest control technology and the operator panel enable a comfortable and low-maintenance operation;
  • The great diameter of the utilized running wheels ensures an ideal bending radius and a long liftetime of the knife;
  • In connection with an EP profiling machine, the SMW 1 can be combined to an automatic production line.