Die cutting press with movable beam – Model VFS

 Designed and manufactured by SUTEAU-ANVER, this press is sturdy, accurate, silent and specially developed for cutting all non-metalic materials ; its integrated hydraulic system makes it both highly efficient and productive.

Designed for mass production, your materials can be cut into rolls or sheets on a belt, or steel or polypropylene plate.

Technical features :

Electric energy : 400 Volts threephase + Neutral + Earth 50hz
Power : 11 KW to 30 KW according to the versions
Pneumatic energy : Dry air 6 Bars
Cutting table width : Further your needs
Cutting table depth : Further your needs
Cutting power : 100 tons to 500 tons
Maxi beam stroke : 180 mm (other stroke on request)
Maxi beam opening :

200 mm (other opening on request)

Options available on request :
  • Block rotation system
  • Rectified tempered steel plate – Thickness 10 mm – Hardness 60 hrc
  • Heating plate (requires the wide daylight)Die-holderCutting die loading and unloading will be automatic, with pneumatic clamping of the die under the movable beam of the cutting press
    • Steel plate with baton type heating element
    • Maxi temperature 200°C +/- 5°
    • PID type adjustment
  •  Telemaintenance
  • Automatic loading system including 5 units, and safety protection by photocells
  • Feed system with rollers
  • Feed system with pincers
  • Cutting belt without pincer
  • Suction belt
  • Automatic table
  • Automatic sheet feeder
  • Retractable belt