Fastest and most efficient solution of the horizontal contour cutting machines with circulating knife for the cutting of cushions and mattresses.

Possibility of an Integration of the OFS-HE 3 into an automatic cutting line.

  • Bulk production of cushion parts made from PUR soft foam, visco or latex in no time;
  • Highest possible dynamics due to the functional principle of separated table and cutting unit drives;
  • High productivity and quality with the cutting of simple up to complex mattresses, for example made from PUR soft foam, PU HR foam or latex;
  • Long knife lifetime and high precision when cutting parts for the automotive industry such as back rests, seats, gaskets, cable insulation or parts for acoustic insulation, even with high densities or Basotect;
  • Center support for a better support of the knife;
  • Holding down system for fixing the block;
  • Fully automatic version of the horizontal contour cutting machine with automatic turntable and transport conveyors for loading and unloading;
  • Utilization of a micro-toothed knife avoids regrinding and guarantees a constant cutting quality.