OFS-H Twincut


Versatile use in the contour cutting techniques due to the alternate use of a circulating and an oscillating knife in a single cutting unit.

Double functionality of the OFS-H Twincut: allows very fast cutting of cushion parts and mattresses by means of the circulating knife (40 m/min max.), guarantees high precise cutting of technical parts by means of the oscillating knife (10 m/min max.).

  • Dust free cutting of any three dimensional contours;
  • 3 axis machine with CNC control and windows operation system;
  • The exchanging between a circulating and an oscillating knife can be done within no time;
  • Saving of time and money due to an all-automatic cycle with turntable and loading and unloading conveyors.
  • WinCAP software for the external generation of material-saving cutting programmes.