OFS 221


Horizontal contour cutting machine with a stationary cutting unit and reversing table for the cutting of harder material by means of a circulating wire.

A special wire serving as broach can cut precise form parts even out of very hard materials due to its all-round cutting surface.

  • Cuts every shape required, even right angles and the smallest radii;
  • Cutting speeds of up to 5 m/min, depending on material and contour;
  • Continuously pre-selectable cutting speed;
  • Continuously variable wire speed for the optimal converting of diverse materials;
  • The adjustable wire speed (option) allows an even more precise and cleaner cutting of foams of various hardness and qualities;
  • An integrated dust extraction unit for the optimal removal of the occurring cutting dust;
  • Optional equipment of the working table with transport conveyors for an easier loading and unloading.