Mei Air Jet


Thanks to intensive research and development work, the performance and efficiency of the MEI air-jet weaving machine, has been constantly improved and its range of applications in relation to high-grade fabrics has also been substantially extended. As a result, it meets even the highest requirements concerning label appearance, product quality and beat-up density.

The only label solution machine that can help you grow market share, retain existing customers, and improve your profitability. As a provider of labels maker, you have a tremendous opportunity for accelerated growth and increas profit-ability by delivering a wide range of new and differentiated woven labels, with new weaves, high definition, at low cost.

It's this new opportunity that will give you a competitive edge in attracting and retaining customers, and your ability to profitably deliver these value-added, news will be a critical factor in your future success. In fact, how can you maximize your profits, and cut operating expenses at the same time? Only one offering can do this: MEI AirJet machine.

It's a outstanding woven labels machine that can take you into the New Century with confidence and great optimism. This new solution can help you gain a decisive advantage by allowing you to: 1) develop a competitive labels production service to retain your customers and getting new ones 2) reduce the time-to-market for new products 3) improve your staff productivity and asset utilization 4) improve your margin 5) reduce the cost of Ownership.