High pressure foaming machines for C-Pentane


Features with a very high standards are:

  • 300 liters jacketed tanks with capacitive level and stirrer;
  • Axial piston dosing pumps with magnetic coupling, filter in suction and digital safety pressure gauges;
  • Flowmeters with "close-loop" function integrated in the PLC;
  • Possibility to manage multiple mixing heads for high production needs and working recipes up to 99;
  • The electric panel of the foaming machine is supplied along a monitoring panel for ventilation and gas detectors control;
  • The monitoring panel can handle not only the foaming safeties but also other parts of the line;
  • The Polyol/C-Pentane part of the machine is located under forced ventilation with continuous monitoring;
  • Possibility of rewamping of existing machines with low investment impact.