Application area:

This machine is especially suitable to cover garden-furniture-upholstery and thin-foam-pieces or similar paddings –fillings can also be covered with fleece-wadding.

Operation mode:

The filling is fed into the machine manually. Two rough conveyorbelts pull the filling into the machine while at the same time four oval-shaped steel plates fold the fleece-overlap alongside. The mouthpiece-plates press the filling on both sides together up to 12 cm. The upper and lower conveyor belt transport the filling securely into the cover.


Width- and height-adjustment is done steplessly by a hand wheel (no height-adjustment available by Type KGF-400 – machine is built with fixed height to customers-request). The length of the mouthpiece is 500 mm (standard version) and can also be built with 750 mm length if needed. The filling-speed is approx. 60 cm/sec. Depending on padding-length and operating personal 400 up to 500 fillings per hour can be covered with 2 operators.


When feeding the fillings by the automatic Fleece-Sealing- and Feeding-Machine

Type VSZ or by destacker with conveyor belt-table

Type DSA + TBA an output increase will be obtained and operators can be reduced.