Manual vertical cutting machine for the cutting and trimming, respectively, of block or sheet ware from flexible foams

The table is manually moved, the lateral stop is adjusted by means of a hand wheel.

  • Equipped with an angle-adjustable side stop for angular cuts (0 - 45 degrees);
  • Direct detection and display of side stop position by means of digital cursors;
  • Due to the option of locking the movable table, it is also possible to manually work by the template on the machine;
  • For precise parallel cuts the material is guided on the sliding table by means of a side guide;
  • A ratchet for adjusting the side stop guarantees an exact infeed with recurring cutting widths;
  • Utilization of toothed knives spares the use of a grinding unit;
  • Special design with set knife for the cutting of insulating material (e.g. mineral wool, PUR rigid foam or polystyrene (EPS));
  • Customizing of the design of the machine by a great number of varyingly configurable table dimensions of both table halves.