GFE 140


Application area:

Filling station for filling various blowable filling-materials (f.e. foam-flocks or foam-sticks, polyesther-fibres/balls, feathers etc.) into air-permeable cushions and upholstery.

Operation mode:

Feeding of the blower-filler is done at the suction side by hand or by a connected silo Type SFF (-M), flock-container Type FBS or mixer Type FDM. By vacuum process the filling-material is sucked in constantly by the blower-filler. The cushion cover is pulled over the filling-pipe and held tight. By activating a foot-pedal the regulator-flap at the suction-pipe opens and the filling-material/air-mixture flows with high speed into the cover. Working with adequate pressure the filling material is spread out evenly inside the air-permeable cover. Various powerful blower-types, depending on cushion-size resp. air-permeability of the covers can be chosen.

The blowers type – H are high-pressure blower-fillers which have frequency controlled drive-motors, they reach special and adjustable output-datas (high-pressure with relative low volume-flow – especially suitable for relatively air-tight cover fabrics).


- With a time-switch control the desired filling amount can be preselected at constant feeding volume rated with a tolerance of approx. +/- 5 %; - A filling-head makes an additional air-escape by relative air-tight fabrics possible; - A pull-ring-device holds the cushion-cover tight on the filling-pipe or filling-head pneumatically; - Various filling-pipe diameters are available (depending to blower type); - Air-ring - Injector for small filling pipes.

Technical specification
Type GFE-140 GFE-140-S
Output approx. 250 kg/h 350 kg/h
Motor 2,2 kW 3 kW