All-automatic vertical cutting machine for the cutting-off of long blocks and for the trimming, cutting or dividing of short blocks

Little space requirement of the machine as the cutting unit is fixed parallel to the conveyor, least space requirement of all comparable machines.

  • The turning of the knife by 90° by means of pneumatic knife turning devices allows longitudinal and cross cuts in every required position.
  • Four different work modes for the trimming of short blocks: 1. only at the front and at the rear 2. all four sides 3. all four sides + center cuts 4. dividing the block into up to three further single blocks and individual rectangular cuts;
  • Cutting-off function for long blocks at the BZM-I:-cutting-off a short block of a maximum length of 3050 mm -separating the short block from the long block -cutting/trimming of the short block at all sides, preparation for its subsequent processing;
  • Exact and fast realization of various rectangular cuts;
  • Efficient utilization of the material with minimum waste;
  • High efficiency due to a band knife either toothed or ground at both sides which cuts in forward and backward motion;
  • Two infinitely variable synchronized transport conveyors can separately move the previously divided blocks and remove them in lengthwise direction;
  • Employment of the machine as stand-alone version as well as integrated in cutting lines due to the all-automatic mode of operation;
  • The BZM-I machine is an important connection link between rack storage and production process.