Overview All-automatic vertical cutting machine for the trimming, cutting or splitting of short and long blocks Due to the lateral positioning of the cutting unit, a maximum cutting speed of 40 m/min can be achieved (BZM-I 20 m/min) and the cutting cycle times can be reduced once more.  
  • The turning of the knife by 90° by a pneumatic knife turning device enables the cutting-off and trimming of a block as well as to cut it to size;
  • Four different working modes for the trimming of short blocks: 1. Only at the front and at the rear 2. All four sides 3. All four sides and center cut 4. Sectioning of the block into further single blocks and individual rectangular cuts.
  • Cutting-off function for long blocks of the BZM-A:  cutting-off a short block to any length; separating the short block from the long block; cutting/trimming the short block on all sides, preparation for subsequent processing.
  • Efficient utilization of material with a minimum of waste;
  • As as standard, the BZM-A is equipped with an on-board knife gap cover so that it is also possible to cut sheet stacks with low thicknesses;
  • Two infinitely variable synchronized transport conveyors can separately move the previously cut partial blocks and remove them in longitudinal direction;
  • Due to the all-automatic mode of operation, the machine can be used either as a stand-alone version or incorporated into cutting lines.