Universal horizontal splitting machine for the splitting of flexible materials and for the manufacturing of foils from bonded blocks or sheet ware from single blocks

The stationary cutting unit allows a fully automatic mode of operation, both in circulating and reversing mode, due to the linking of the belt system with the pressure roller, the infeed and the angle adjustment of the cutting unit.

  • Highest cutting quality and tolerance accuracy thanks to a constant knife position due to the automatic knife re-adjustment;
  • Advantage: increased tolerance accuracy of the cut sheets, low strain and therefore a long service life of the knife;
  • Highest accuracy due to latest servo and frequency converter technology production speed and latest ease of use with swiveling operator panel allow a perfect production process;
  • Utilization of deflection units (towers) when converting open blocks;
  • Holding of the knife tip position in relation to the material by activating the automatic angle adjustment of the cutting unit when changing the cutting thickness;
  • Optimal dimensioning of the machine with regards to block dimensions and material due to configurable different table lengths.