Low-cost long block splitting machine for the production of foils from bonded long blocks (20 or 30.5 m) with small and mid-sized capacity requirements;

With foil thicknesses of 1 mm to 50 mm it is possible to wind a max. roller diameter of 1.5 m with both versions.

  • The long block to be split is continuously fed to the cutting portal by an endless transport system equipped with rollers which is located in two reinforced semi-circular towers.
  • Lowering of the cutting unit by the required foil thickness after each block circulation;
  • The block length compensation is realized by two manually adjustable inner circles in the towers.
  • Side guide adjustable by motor, positioned upstream of the cutting unit for the precise guiding and fixation of the block during the bonding process;
  • Maximum cutting speed of 100 m/min in all versions and for all block lengths;
  • Maximum total block weight of 2 t with the 20 m version and 3 t with the 30 m version;
  • Max. block height of 600 mm with 20 m and 1 000 mm with 30.5 m;
  • The swiveling cutting unit ensures the ideal adaption of the cutting angle to the respective material qualities or splitting thicknesses;
  • Achievement of optimal cutting tolerances;
  • Standard non-driven, manually adjustable pressure roller to achieve optimal cutting tolerances;
  • Winding with high edge accuracy by means of winding units with two winding rollers and supporting spindles (max. winding diameter up to 1 500 mm);
  • The BSV-R can be combined with an IS-BA trimming unit inside the machine and a stationary ABLG II/ABLG IIs cutting-off machine upstream the BSV-R machine.  By this, it is possible to level the block at its head side and end side by means of the cutting-off machine for a later bonding and to trim it to the required width after the bonding process.