Splitting of glued long blocks (40-60 m)

Most economic production of foil ware and best possible utilization of the material: with foil thicknesses of 1 mm to 50 mm it is possible to wind up a max. roller diameter from 1.5 to 2.4 m, depending on the corresponding machine version.

  • The long block to be split is continuously fed to the cutting portal by an endless transport system equipped with rollers which is located in two reinforced semi-circular towers;
  • Lowering of the cutting unit by the required foil thickness after each block circulation;
  • For the reason of length compensation, the tower after the cutting unit can be moved by motor;
  • A motor-driven side guide installed upstream of the cutting unit serves for an accurate block guiding and for bonding the block;
  • Maximum cutting velocity of 120 m/min with all versions and for all block lengths;
  • Maximum total block weight of 5 t with the 60 m version;
  • Motor-driven feeding bridge for an easy charging of the long blocks;
  • Precise cutting of various cutting thicknesses through a manual adjustment of pressure rollers and cutting angles by means of a hand wheel;
  • Simple operation by means of a modern touch screen which allows a the entry of cutting thickness, cutting length and/or number of rolls;
  • Continuous, high-quality grinding of the knife by a high-precision grinding unit with pneumatic advance of the cup wheels.