BSR for rigid foam


The BSR for rigid foam is a universal horizontal cutting machine for the cutting of hard and compact materials with a set knife.

Solid design allows the cutting of sheet and block ware with densities of up to 450 kg/m³ with highest accuracy, depending on the material.

  • Shore hardnesses of up to 70 shore can be converted;
  • Optional drive technology for cutting medium and table movement allow the cutting of even extreme materials, such as rigid foams or PVC (option);
  • By using a special vacuum unit, constant cutting results can be achieved even with extreme materials;
  • The set knife are held in the adjustable guiding and are therefore kept steady and constant in the material;
  • Dust extraction channels at different balance points of the cutting unit provide a smooth broaching and cutting process of the set knife;
  • Various table dimensions provide an optimal design of the machine with regards to block dimensions and material;
  • Reinforcement of the machine for the converting of material with a weight of up to 800 kg/m³ (option).