All-purpose horizontal splitting machine for the splitting of flexible materials and materials which are hard to split.

A sophisticated design of the machine allows the splitting of sheet and block ware with densities of up to 250 kg/m³ with utmost precision, depending on material and cutting thickness.

  • Converting of materials with shore hardnesses of up to 70 shore;
  • Ideal design of the machine in respect of block dimensions and material due to configurable diverse table dimensions;
  • Highest cutting quality and limit of accuracy thanks to a constant knife position by automatic knife adjustment;
  • Holding of the knife tip position in relation to the material by activating the automatic angle adjustment of the cutting unit when changing the cutting thickness;
  • Advantage: increased tolerance accuracy of the cut sheets - low strain and thus a long durability of the knife;
  • Splitting of extreme materials like EVA, for example, by means of auxiliary equipment such as re-inforced pressure roller, vacuum controlled by frequency converter, etc.