Horizontal cutting machine with turntable (carousel) for the cutting and splitting of sheets of many different sizes in great quantities

  • Converting of lightweight up to medium densities;
  •  Permanently high cutting precision throughout the knife lifetime thanks to the employment of a band knife of 30 mm width which is ground by an integrated grinding unit;
  • Creation of optimal cutting angles and cutting of precise sheet thicknesses by an all-automatic angle adjustment option of the cutting unit;
  • Optimal fixation of the piece to be cut by means of the standard equipment of the table with vacuum units;
  • Long knife lifetime and low set-up costs as the knife is relieved of the strain as it does not need to be turned due to the swiveling cutting unit;
  • Various table diameters available for the optimal utilization of the machine;
  • All-automatic version of the BSL-D, depending on the table diameter, with corresponding loading and unloading conveyors upstream and downstream of the machine.