Automatic horizontal cutting machine with reversing belt system and stationary cutting unit for the economic cutting and splitting of sheets into various thicknesses and into lengths of 10 m and upwards.

For the splitting of non-glued long blocks

  • Simple fabrication of foil ware of minimum thicknesses of 5 mm with an optimum utilization of the material;
  • Creation of ideal cutting angles and cutting of accurate sheet thicknesses thanks to the automatic angle adjustment of the cutting unit;
  • The splitting machine can be equipped with different cutting units in order to convert materials of different qualities, densities and strain hardness;
  • Long knife lifetime and low set-up costs as the knife is relieved of the strain as it does not need to be turned due to the swiveling cutting unit;
  • For fabricating endless foil ware, the machine can optionally be equipped with a discharging conveyor in order to be able to bond the respective ends of the foils on a special platform.