ATD VAD For filling of blowable upholstery filling-materials


Application area:

For filling of blowable upholstery-filling-materials f.e. foam-flocks or “sticks”, polyesther-fibres/balls, feathers etc. into sacks.

Operation mode:

The sacks are fastened and detached with a spanning-belt with quick-lock. Each basic equipment is constructed for sacks with appr. 0,8 m diameter and appr. 2 m length. The bagging-devices for 2 sacks (2 injection-devices with switch-lever) have the advantage of continuous sack-filling (without stopping the filling-ventilator).

A ventilator is used for Type ATE/ATD + AVE/AVD + VAE/VAD to blow the filling-material with overpressure into the sacks, the excess pressure can escape through a filtration-cloth on the top.

ATE/ATD: without compression – filling of loose filling-material in air-permeable or air-impermeable sacks.

AVE/AVD: pneumatic compression – pneumatic drive compression-pestle presses the material into the air-permeable or air-impermeable sacks (appr. 2-times compression).

VAE/VAD: vacuum compression – the filling material is filled loose into air-impermeable sacks and afterwards the air is sucked off by a special-ventilator. The compression reduces the original volume to 1/4 resp. 1/5 (up to 5-times compression). After the compression-process (appr. 15 – 20 sec.) a second tight sack must be put over the compressed sack to avoid that the material will expand again after turning off the vacuum.

VAB: low compression - the filling-material is sucked into air-permeable sacks by under pressure (no ventilator wheel will touch the material) – especially suitable for sensitive materials. The basic version does not include ventilator, filter, pipes or junctions (available according to amount and layout).


- Pipes, bows, junctions etc. with Jacobs-connecting-system NW 150 – steel – galvanized; - Transport-ventilator Type FGP; - Filter and underpressure-ventilator for Type VAB.