ABLG I w. roller conveyor


Moving ABLG I for cutting-off long blocks following continuous foaming plants or, in case there is no block or crane storage existent, for the cutting of short blocks.

By utilizing a roller conveyor instead of finger sections, even materials which are difficult to convert (such as visco foams), can be processed.

  • Very good cutting result as the cutting-off machine with the teflonized binding cuts over the whole block width in one stroke;
  • Suited for cutting-off start-up pieces/end pieces during the foaming process, when changing the colours and qualities or for the extraction of small test pieces for a quality check;
  • The reversing roller conveyor with non-driven idler rollers serves as place for depositing the block,  utilisation of the roller conveyor for converting standard foams, visco-elastic foams or foams with characteristics similar to visco foam;
  • Grinding unit for precision-grinding the circulating ground band knife;
  • Connection to the control of a long block or crane block storage.