Moving ABLG I for cutting-off long blocks after continuous foaming plants or for the cutting of short blocks, respectively, in case there is no block or crane storage existent.

  • Suited for cutting-off start-up pieces/end pieces during the foaming process, for the extraction of small test pieces for a quality check or when colours and qualities are changed;
  • Very good cutting result as the cutting-off machine with the teflonized binding cuts over the whole block width in one stroke;
  • A system consisting of stationary and movable finger sections which can optionally be driven serves as block depositing device;
  • Cutting process:  After reaching the programmed block length the cutting unit moved synchronously to the foaming speed and is lowered. After the cut, a gap is created between both part block. Through this gap. The cutting unit moves upwards with max. speed. and back into its starting position;
  • Connection to the control of a long block or crane block storage;
  • Grinding unit for precision-grinding the circulating ground band knife.
Area of application

Producers of block foam, upholstery, mattress, furniture, packaging and automotive industry.


PUR-ether and polyester foam.

Cutting tool

Precision-ground circulating ground knife, also available with convex serrations 30 x 0.45 mm.

Technical Data

standard optional
Block height 1 300 mm 1 600 mm
Block length for foaming speed 6m/min min. 1 000 mm min. 800 mm
Block width  2 200 mm  2 500 mm
Max. foaming speed  1-10 m/min, depending on the material to be cut
  • Cooling unit
  • Driven finger sections
  • Driven roller conveyor downstream of the machine
  • Grinding dust extraction unit
  • Short block automatic mode
  • Electronical synchronization with the foaming plant
  • Grinding unit
  • Length measuring system
  • Modem
  • Non-driven fixed and movable finger sections

Automatic grinding unit

  • Pneumatic adjustment of the grinding unit;
  • For a cyclic grinding during the foaming process;
  • Grinding duration and cycles are pre-programmed;

Driven finger sections

  • Drive of the finger section pieces upstream and downstream of the machine;
  • In order to pass the end pieces through the ABLG I machine, the finger sections between the foaming plant and ABLG I must be driven;
  • Start-up and test pieces as well as short blocks are further transported by the driven finger sections downstream of the machine.

Driven roller conveyor

  • Driven roller conveyor downstream of the machine;
  • A driven roller conveyor is essential for the transport of short blocks, for the removal of test pieces and when qualities and colours are changed.