Gerber Technology launches AccuMark 10.3

 Gerber’s AccuMark® Family of CAD-Products Gives New Dimension to Retail and Design.

Gerber Technology, the world leader in integrated software and automation solutions for the apparel and industrial markets, announced its latest version of the AccuMark® family is available for purchase starting with January 24, 2017.

“Our customers can decrease samples by utilizing AccuMark 3D to visualize designs prior to sample production and before they hit the store,” said Mary McFadden, executive director, CAD Product Management at Gerber Technology. “The ability to see how a garment will look and perform prior to production could even help the consumer see their garment prior to purchase thereby decreasing returns to keep maximum profit to the bottom line.”

Enhancements in the latest release of AccuMark includes 3 of the products in the family – AccuMark, AccuMark 3D and AccuPlan:

  • AccuMark – scale and position images for all sizes
  • AccuMark 3D – create samples for non-base sizes, manipulate digital images in 3D and edit your avatar measurements
  • AccuPlan – fully integrate with your manufacturing floor and customize reports

The continued developments within the AccuMark family and the integrated capabilities of YuniquePLM In The Cloud will minimize errors by eliminating human error in data reentry. “These developments continue Gerber’s quest to make products and services that are simple to use, accurate, dependable, very productive and easy to integrate with other systems and workflows,” continued McFadden.